Although it was an unintended result, the #IsThereEnough campaign has become a unique doorway for blockchain adoption. The campaign, as a conversation about social justice, suggests that wealth is increased by agreement, not by resources. Agreement is not something we humans are very good at. We are, historically, good at war.  But when we tire of war, we conclude an agreement (called a truce) and prosperity begins to increase, although on terms set by the winners, and there is our financial inclusion problem. The campaign is asking if we are ready to skip war, and go right to agreement. 

Crypto currencies, and the blockchain technology it runs on, is about trading value in ways we have never imagined before. It is about solving the puzzle of whether trust creates agreement, or whether agreement creates trust. This problem is the basis of blockchain’s technical and engineering mandates but what we see it really doing is empowering people to produce more wealth, as it is defined here, a measure of survivability. Blockchain, as a tool of agreement, has shown up for democratizing everyone’s access to the financial system, just as the Internet democratized access to information. The message of the #IsThereEnough campaign, and blockchain technology, go hand in hand.