Business Model

So, how are you going to pay for all this ?


#IsThereEnough has a big social goal. But it is not a charity. It is not an NGO, or a non profit or any kind of philanthropic organization. Its mission is about increasing wealth, not merely distributing it. It is about building survival, not rationing it.  So, we are a for profit entity with a social purpose, something we want to see a lot more of, through a new kind of Impact Finance, one of our highest goals to arise out of this campaign.

Skip The Donations 
Sponsorship and Endorsement Welcome

 #IsThereEnough will not be asking for any donations, but sponsorship is certainly welcome. SLiC is #IsThereEnough’s primary corporate sponsor but there will be others who join that circle over time.Your endorsement, though, invested from your own time, personally written,  on your letterhead, can make as big or even bigger difference in our ability to get attention. 

 Expect Us to Make A Profit

Expect us to make a profit, which is, actually, another word for “sustainable”. Some of our events may carry a fee, as some of our media may as well. There will also be a clothing line designed to spread the word and increase awareness. All of these (clothing, media and sponsorship) will do more than help us pay our bills. It will ensure that this campaign reaches its goal of 100 Million subscribers.