Producing wealth (not just money) is what finally and truly replaces poverty, whereas merely lifting people out of poverty only creates bare survival, at best, and may even fail outright at worst. As Buckminster Fuller suggested to us, one cannot end a bad system by fighting against it. We have to replace a bad system with a better one.

,Creating a New Wealth System


No matter whether you are politically conservative, liberal, individualistic, or socialistic, all of us thrive in a global world of interconnected commerce. The purpose of all that economic activity, if it is possible, is for everyone, 100% of us, to survive, and to raise standard of living well beyond that as well.

Fuller also said that wealth is survival over time. We like to say that wealth “ is survival in a can” Some of us just have a few more cans than others. To produce wealth for more of us, we need to create it, in a new model of inclusiveness. It might not be capitalism or socialism. It might not be an ism at all, but however you argue that point and whatever model it is to happen by, all projects aiming to build wealth will require capital (resources, ideas, people and cash) to move forward. #IsThereEnough practical economic mission is about building something more than just good ideas and conversation and hoping everyone comes along.

It is actually about launching a new impact finance model to produce more useable wealth, from which 500,000 projects of social impact value can be launched, invested in, and moved forward. We define “social impact value”, at this stage, by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of The United Nations. This campaign supports a new model to finance them and we intend to use it to launch  100 for profit Social Impact #IsThereEnough Incubator/Accelerators in 100 cities around the world.

The success of the #IsThereEnough campaign ensures the success of that goal.