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The World Game

Buckminster Fuller was a 20th century American architect, systems theorist, author, designer, inventor and futurist. His World Game theory (“to make the world work for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time through spontaneous cooperation without ecological damage or disadvantage to anyone”) is at the heart of the #IsThereEnough campaign.

– R. Buckminster Fuller

Letter From Birmingham Jail

A voice speaks out from the shadows of a prison

Letter from Birmingham Jail, one of Martin Luther King’s most famous pieces of expression, written at a pivotal moment in civil rights history, suggests, in the clearest possible terms, that any injustice anywhere, is an injustice everywhere. This #IsThereEnough campaign is about human lives, all human lives, and the rights to life and liberty that everyone has, no matter their country, race or religion.

An Economist with a Radical New Theory

Ms Kelton’s work suggests that government deficits are able to be used for creating wealth and inclusion in a particularly modern model in which society can play participating market role.

– Stephanie Kelton

Leadership Lessons from
Dancing Guy: The First Follower

Taken from a live talk in the late 90’s, Derek makes a powerful case for how movements really happen. Its values and ethics are fully applied to this campaign.

– Derek Sivers


We do not need to fear overpopulation

“People often call me an optimist, because I show them the enormous progress they didn’t know about. That makes me angry. I’m not an optimist. That makes me sound naive. I’m a very serious “possibilist”. . . As a possibilist, I see all this progress, and it fills me with conviction and hope that further progress is possible. ” 
― Hans Rosling, Factfulness: Ten Reasons We’re Wrong About the World – and Why Things Are Better Than You Think

Moments in History when humans do not even bother to say it is impossible but make things happen.

When human beings stop questioning the who, what, where, when, why and who is or is not responsible and just embrace the reality that human lives matter and that we as the human race need to focus on a solution, we are unstopable.  What the human mind comes up with as solutions, has astonished generations.  We have a moment right now in our history for us, as the human race, not just as a few but as the whole, to astonish the next generation.

Change is scary when you do not have a plan but what is even more scary is sticking with a broken system and hoping for the best.

Mariana Mazzucato addresses the growing concern about capitalism and this movement towards socialism. In this inspiring article, Mariana gives a game plan for addressing this growing issue and it is getting global attention.

“There’s all sorts of different ways to do capitalism. There’s the kind of maximization of shareholder value. There’s the more stakeholder value perspective. . . that fundamentally affects how public and private come together. That’s what I think need complete rebooting rather than to start calling things socialism.”

Mariana also lays out the importance of having a clear and focused goal, along with seeing the true value in things. There is so much more to this woman than just the “scary economist”.

,Are There Real Limits to Growth? 

Andrew McAfee author of More From Less on Fareed Zacharia’s GPS, Global Public Square with some surprising facts about how humans are finding ways of doing more with less, what Buckminster Fuller predicted. 

Paul Polman, one of the key framers of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals for 2030

This video is an address to the UN SDG Forum and contains some surprisingly positive statistics about wealth and sustainability, while still focusing us on our problem in impact finance. This video’s references are at the foundation of this campaign’s Impact Finance goals.