The Economic Justice Question of Our Time

To Make This Work For 100% Of Humanity

In A World Game With More Survivors

Buckminster Fuller, one of the 20th century’s most prolific, productive and innovative thinkers, designers, and engineers, defined an objective for humanity based on his mathematical study in which all human beings on earth could survive and achieve a genuine standard of living. This was not posed as an effort by governments, but as an alliance of people recognizing not only the legitimate right of survival for everyone, but the available resources and means, mathematically, for it to be realized. 

A number of people around the world have come together to recognize a simple truth of human survival.  Wealth, meaning not just money, but the totality of our  land, food, water, energy, technology, and currency, and all the other wealth that can be defined that feeds us, is not produced or grown by resources, as our economic systems have us behave. Wealth, and survival itself, are actually produced and grown, for more people, by #agreement, something we humans are not historically good at. We’ve been better at war for most of 70,000 years and our modern systems are built on it. In 300 years of economic cycles, it is only after war, that we really expand wealth. That expansion is a started with an agreement, a treaty. Unfortunately, treaties only get dictated by winners, not negotiated by the interests of partners. This explains some geopolitical imbalance in the world.  

Yet, none of this history, no amount of war, no amount of class, cultural or political conflict, stops us, as people, from making #agreement. Every time we do so, we build the power to reach further. That starts with a 1st Agreement to make agreement a culture itself, to raise its value in daily life. We are calling it the Economic Peace Treaty. We want you to join our effort to reach 100 Million citizens of the world signatures to the agreement. 

One Economic Agreement at A Time

and another, and another… and 100 Million More

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What People are Saying

“The #IsthereEnough movement reaches out into the heart of humanity and reminds us that we ALL have value no matter who we are or where we are on this planet but more than that, we as the human tribe of this planet can make things work for 100% of humanity, We just need the passion, empathy, and awakening to this”

Kristie Thompson

Executive Assistant to the Founder of #IsThereEnough

“The #IsThereEnough campaign  is inspiring a new era in our evolution, as a global society.”

Thibault Verbiest

Thibault Verbiest Global Fintech Leader, Novelist and Legal Advisor to The World Bank

“#IsThereEnough campaign was introduced to students and families at our school. From 3 year olds in kindergarten, to the teens in Grade 8, each child left the room curious to test the application of ‘an agreement mindset’ in their own lives”

Fiona Lee Evans

Director, Pimento Hall International School

“The #IsThereEnough campaign is powerful, and psychologically sound, and I see real potential in it having a large positive impact on our society.”

Oliver Devillard

Psychological researcher, Speaker, and Technology Innovator, Founder, TribeHub

“The path from here to there requires new systems, methods and organizations. That would require new agreements. The “#IsThereEnough?” campaign is a bold and forward thinking platform to enable those conversations and agreements!”

Debbie Resnick

Business Professional & Environmental Activist

“is there enough is exactly the right question at exactly the right time in history.”

Patti McEuen

Champion Aquatics Coach, Founder of #DreamCatchers Foundation