What Can I Do ?

First Ask Yourself

Most people who come across this conversation find themselves asking this question, #IsThereEnough, first, of themselves. We suggest you do it in writing. Ask yourself, what do you think there is enough of ? What do you think there is not? Is there enough food, water, and land ? How about money? Is there enough compassion, love, fairness, or equal opportunity? You are opening a conversation about limits and freedom.

That conversation you are having with yourself will undoubtedly lead you to this same place of response, no matter what there is, or there is not, enough of. No matter how you answer this question, the next one likely to come to you will be….. 


What Do We Do About It ?




Pose This Question To Others

If you find this question creating some new understanding for you, the best way to go deeper into it is to gather feedback from others. That helps you begin to “mine for agreement”. You see, we believe that when this campaign reaches 100 Million people, a change will take place in the way we think of inclusive economic activity, and create an economic system that can appeal to either conservative or liberal mindsets. We want to change how economics is understood, taught, and used in everyday life so that people can begin to know that wealth is not increased or produced by resources. It is produced by agreement.

Asking the question of another human being, “Hey, I want to ask you a strange question, “Do you think…There Is Enough ?” might seem strange. It will usually get you a strange look and an answer of “Enough of what?” to which you can answer “you tell me” and then conversation will begin. People will start to sort, right in front of you what there is, and what there is not, enough of  and you will have a key into what they value. That is where you can find agreement.

Host an event

Get a group of people together to talk about this.  It does not matter the size, it can be a few to a few hundred.  Start off by showing the preview to Poverty Inc. to kick it off and then share your story of how you came upon this conversation. Is our economic system working ? Clearly there will be opinions about this that will drive conversation. 

Use this kick off to suggest that our topic of economics is not about money. It is about wealth and how Buckminster Fuller would define that, as a measure of survival and standard of living. Suggest it might be possible that that wealth is increased by agreement but that we humans are not that good at it. Asking #isThereEnough opens up conversation on how more agreement can be made, on shared values, not on political position fights

When you get enough together to talk about it you can even have one of the #IsThereEnough leaders, Skype in or even attend live. Email us at Prelaunch.isthereenough.org and we will help you do this.  

Endorse The Campaign

This is an entire conversation of financial and social inclusion. It is about how to increase wealth, not money, which is only one kind of measure of wealth, and it is even a good one, but not complete.This conversation suggests a way to produce more, with less, so that more people can participate in the economic prosperity that does exist. This is good for everyone. 

You may notice on our Endorsements page a range of these endorsements, from all walks of life and culture. If you want to make this conversation spread, and help us reach our goal of 100 Million people, consider writing an endorsement yourself. Put it on a letterhead, with a reference to who you are, your background, and what matters to you in life. Then indicate why you think this #IsThereEnough conversation is of value and why you would encourage people to engage in it. You do not have a prestigious background to do this. We, each of us, carry immeasurable value in our story and our background, and no matter whether you think your story is interesting, it is to others. Help us “make our case” by taking the time to endorse this personally. Your name may be seen in the company of policy makers, educators and social impact leaders, and you may even end up with some positive attention for your own projects and ideas that this conversation can support.

Sign The Petition

Don’t want to take the time to write a full endorsement? No problem. Agreement, in numbers, can create genuine power and attract real attention. So if you want to help and are short on time, take a minute to do a “mini endorsement” by signing our petition indicating that you think more people should pay attention to this conversation.

Join The Prelaunch

Be sure to enter your email address for prelaunch notice of the #IsThereEnough app which will help continue the campaign and provide you new insights into its effects. Connect with others, collaborate on conversations and events, and find your values.