Why We Are Here

A Message From the Founder

#IsThereEnough is here is for one reason, to drive an inclusion conversation that helps make the world actually work for 100% of humanity, a framed mathematical goal of R. Buckminster Fuller.

Throughout 70,000 years of human history, we have been limited in survival to those that could access and utilize the resources that survival was based on. Those resources, we were told, were limited. In fact, they were scarce. We are still economically governed by those ideas. There are no economics textbooks, in any language, that suggest otherwise. Economics has always been said to be based on distributing a limited pie, on scarce, or some might say, “scare”, resources.

“economics is the study of the allocation of scarce resources”

Is That True ?

The problem is that economic theory is just that, theory, and time has caught up with it and exposed it for what it is, There are no examples in human history that demonstrate scarcity as a pre condition of economics. We have never run out of any resource, in all of human history, before we replaced it with something else. We have never found any example of a migration of people, by refugee, war, or voluntary movement, that has caused a destination country to economically suffer. In fact, just the opposite is true. They have thrived. Is there scarcity in the world? Sure. Is it a precondition of life? 

People are the solution, not the problem!!

Scarcity exists, but not because we lack resources, or because we have ‘too many people’. In fact, it is just the opposite. It is because we lack agreement and that takes more people willing to learn how. What creates survival is wealth, which does not just mean money. Money only stores it. Wealth, changes in real wealth, vast improvements in wealth, such as have taken place in the last 100 years in India, saving 100’s of millions of lives, takes place by agreement, something humans are not very good at yet. We are very good at war.



Our Capital, Philanthropic and Economic models are broken 
They need an upgrade

“The only scarce resource is human attention”

#IsThereEnough is a question that starts a conversation of a search for agreement in order to build wealth and survival and quality of life. In asking the question, the answer is either YES or NO, Yet no matter what that answer is, and will be different in each situation, it still becomes a conversation about about what we do about it.   #IsThereEnough is about bringing human attention, lost in a sea of information,  to the concentrated power of agreement and collaboration. 

#IsThereEnough is an innovative method of invitation to a conversation that involves people, at all levels of society, in all languages and cultures, in a diverse set of responsible actions, to examine a more inclusive way of economic being.

#IsThereEnough poses a question in which we all have a stake. It asks if we are starting out with a limited pie, in which only some can survive, or a pie that can actually be grown, to include every single human life on planet earth, in the outcome.

#IsThereEnough does not preach. It has no lectures. There are no courses. There are conversations, events, big and small, that produce thinking. Lectures, writing, and courses are helpful, and they will exist over time, but the foundation of adoption, of response, and really of responsibility, is simple conversation, conversation that respects every single person in it, no matter their culture, personality, philosophy, religion, or their political affiliations. That is something we have to confront. If we are all about expanding inclusion, then everyone has a say.

#IsThereEnough asks a universal survival question in a coordinated manner through events, media and simple conversation. Furthering that process is a movement, a campaign, and our goal is to enroll 100 Million people into its ranks. It asks each person in the campaign to both “answer” and “ask” the question posed, at least once, and as often, and in as many ways, as you possibly choose. If you don’t think there is enough, you are welcome. If you do, you are welcome too. I am much less interested in your answers, than seeing what happens to you, to others, and to all of us by framing our conversation under this  “?”

This movement is more of a discussion. It is asking if we are counting all the marbles. You know, when people say “They have lost their marbles!” we mean they are crazy or off course.  Humanity is off course. It is maybe not counting all the marbles on the table.  #IsThereEnough asks how many more marbles may actuslly be out there, the human resources, that make an economy thrive and what if all it took to mine them was to master one little skill.

Daniel T. Matalon
Founder, #IsThereEnough.org

A New Conversation


When #IsThereEnough goes live out of its present pre launch, you will, by first come, first serve, be able to answer the question as you see to it. Don’t think you have to answer “yes”. If you do not believe there is enough for everyone, your answer is fully welcome. Make your case. In fact, you can answer it both ways. You can say “Yes” on one answer and “No” on another. You can answer it on different days and for different situations.

Every time you answer it you are contributing to the conversation, and the conversation itself, will expand the pie, as people make agreements out of that conversation because wealth (not money) is based on agreement and nothing but conversation will ever create a new one.

When you answer, others who join will be able to like, dislike, and comment on your answer. They will be able to follow you as well, and you will be able to follow them back. Think of #IsThereEnough as a “Quora” for one survival question.