What are people saying about #IsThereEnough? 

“The #IsThereEnough campaign  is inspiring a new era in our evolution, as a global society.”

Thibault Verbiest

Global Fintech Leader, Novelist and Legal Advisor to The World Bank

“The Is there Enough movement reaches out into the heart of humanity and reminds us that we ALL have value no matter who we are or where we are on this planet.”

Kristie Thompson

Executive Assistant to the Founder of IsThereEnough

“is there enough is exactly the right question at exactly the right time in history.”

Patti McEuen

Champion Aquatics Coach, Founder of #DreamCatchers Foundation

“The path from here to there requires new systems, methods and organizations. That would require new agreements. The “#IsThereEnough?” campaign is a bold and forward thinking platform to enable those conversations and agreements!”

Debbie Resnick

Business Professional & Environmental Activist

“The #IsThereEnough campaign is powerful, and psychologically sound, and I see real potential in it having a large positive impact on our society.” 

Oliver Devillard

Psychological researcher, Speaker, and Technology Innovator, Founder, TribeHub

“#IsThereEnough campaign was introduced to students and families at our school. From 3 year olds in kindergarten, to the teens in Grade 8, each child left the room curious to test the application of ‘an agreement mindset’ in their own lives”

Fiona Lee Evans

Director, Pimento Hall International School


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